With this initiative, we hope to engage candidates in the upcoming civic election in a conversation about what makes a liveable Saskatoon, and what their positions are on a number of key contributing elements. Ultimately, this initiative will be used to push forward a conversation about ‘liveability’ issues in our city, and help Saskatonians identify candidates in their ward, and for mayor, that want to act on and promote liveability in Saskatoon.

This is a non-partisan project and no candidate will receive any endorsement.

Liveable Saskatoon is a community-driven initiative to bring awareness to the importance of urban quality through local democracy.


  • Community-Driven
  • Diverse Stakeholders
  • Improvement for All

Liveable Report Card

What is the Report Card?

The Liveable Cities Report Card will shed light on the positions of candidates in the 2016 Saskatoon civic election regarding urban liveability, including specific statements on active transportation, public health, transit, walkability, and more.

  • 01

    Active Transportation

  • 02

    Arts & Culture

  • 03

    Climate Change

  • 04

    Economy & Finance

  • 05


  • 06


  • 07


  • 08


  • 09


  • 10

    Public Transportation

  • 11

    Urban Planning